App Designing

Mobile App Designing

As you know that Mobile Devices are most valuable thing in today’s world. So. Mobile App Designing is an interaction between the user and a mobile device.

Mobile App Designing means designing the different applications of mobile. The designing of Mobile applications encompasses the UI (User Interface) and UX (User experience).UI focuses on the overall style of app like colors, fonts , general feel and look and UX focuses on the actual functionality and usability of apps.

There is a wide variety of uses of mobile applications. So a Mobile app needed optimal usability, engagement, accessibility, and overall user experience. A good and effective Mobile app enables a targeted group of users to carry out a specific set of related task and keeps user experience at the forefront of the design process. Before designing a mobile app you must be fully understand those users. Designing a Mobile application is not always an easy task.

The Designers who designs Mobile applications are called by many names like App Designers, Android Designers, IOS Designers and many more. These Designers are responsible for the overall styling of an application (app) involving things like the scheme of color, font selection and the types of widgets and buttons the user will use. The Mobile App Designer usually works with User interface designers and User experience designers to apply their designs to mobile interfaces. The user will engage and use your app when the designing of the app is better.

Creating and Designing a Mobile App

You can learn lot of things by developing an application. There some steps are given below for creating an Application of Mobile:-

§  Getting Started

Ø Set the goal for app

Ø Make a plan

Ø Research Competitors for your app


§  Design and Development of App

Ø Create a Wireframe for your app

Ø Get your app designed

Ø Collect feedback on your app design

Ø Get developed your app

§  Testing and launch of App

Ø Testing your app with a focus group

Ø Launch a beta version

Ø Launch your App in App store

Advantages of a good Mobile App Designing

Advantages or Benefits of a good designing of a mobile app are as follows:-

*    Improves Accessibility

*    Enhance Customer Engagement and Use

*    Presents Another Avenue for Sales

*    Improves Value Proposition

*    Improves Brand Recognition