Content Creation

Content means expressing your views or ideas through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts of self-expression, marketing and publication.

Content Creation is a process of creating a content that is useful, effective, and accessible for the audience. It is the ultimate inbound marketing practice. It is described as the creation of the material people contribute to the online world.

Content that you write should be good and clear because a good content is actionable. The Content that you create means you are providing free, effective and useful information to your audience, retaining your existing customers through quality content and attracting potential customers  or audience to your website.

The content that you create communicates your messages or information to the people, educates the readers of your content and persuades them to purchase your products and services. High quality content attracts clients and creates interest in your business, can drive more traffics, leads and conversions.

The person who writes content and responsible for the contribution of information to any media and especially to digital media is called Content Creator. The Content Creator usually targets a specific end- user or audience in specific contexts.

Forms of Content Creation

Forms of Content Creation includes:-

Ø Blogging

Ø EBooks

Ø Photography

Ø Videography

Ø Case Studies

Ø Infographics

Ø Article Writing

Ø Online Commentary

Ø Maintaining and Updating Websites

Ø Maintenance of Social Media Accounts

Ø Distribution of Digital Media

Phases of Content Creation

Four Key Phases of Content Creation Process are as follows:-

§  Ideate

Every Content Starts with an Idea.

  •                           Identify Audience
  •                           Align your Strategy
  •                           Create Concepts
  •                           Obtain approvals of Concept


§  Create

Everything happens with the execution.

  •                           Secure the talent
  •                           Prepare Logistics
  •                           Execution of production
  •                           Deliver the draft Content


§  Revise

Present your message or information clearly

  •                         Revise Content
  •                         Request Revisions
  •                        Complete the Creativity
  •              Obtain the final creative approval of Concepts


§  Optimize

Cover the Technical Bases

  •                         Review Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •                         Review the experiences
  •                         Facilitate Distribution of Content

Creating Unique Content

Unique and Original Content plays a key role in search rankings because unique content are highly searched and rated. Writing Original and unique Content is not a difficult task. Some tips to creating a unique content are given below:-

·       Use your own language and words to describe the concept of your content.

·        Avoid Plagiarism and never copy text from somewhere else.

·       Always Use multiple sources when researching.

·       Give a Unique structure to your text

·       Use your own Unique and different style

·       Explain the things in your content how you understand them and use your own reasoning